Tia Robertson the Writer

Welcome to my page!

If you want to just download the book here is the link to smashwords! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/572688

I am a woman of many talents. I like to believe that the greatest gift I have been able to offer the world is love. I want to share with the whomever is interested the amazing stories that are playing out in my head. In this life I will share my stories of survival and struggle with people that thought they were alone. I love you and I mean that because I understand the power and purpose of love. Let's connect and learn from each other.

Live Life Like You Only Get One Chance,


The Blogger

The Church Girl's Guide To Getting Through It is my new and improved blog!!! I am so excited about clarifying my voice and offering a more concise approach to making my point. I hope you enjoy it and get the opportunity to leave feedback and tell me what you think. 

I have been saved by grace since I was 8 years old and was baptized at 13. Needless to say I have spent my entire childhood in church. I have had experience in every denomination of the faith and I have studied meditation and familiarized myself with alternative faiths. I have come to a conclusion that some may call blasphemy but intelligently I understand that God is a supreme power that we get to tap into. The way we find God depends on the culture we are nurtured in, but is our choice to choose Him and to decide how we will excrete our faith in His plan. Having chose Christ (The Best Covenant By Far!) I will share the truth and how survive having a morale compass and a life.

The Author

I have 3 projects in the works, My first publication is set to be released December 2015. 

The Coin Toss - A fictional collection of real suicide stories. The Suicide stories tell a truth not just about people in crisis. All pain is the same and when we fail to value our lives we surrender it.

228 Whisper Trail - A fictional collection of stories that tell a horrible truth about abuse and how it affects every person in a family. 

The Church Girl's Guide Series - A series of non-fictional books that deal with the truth about the struggles women face and how to win and fight without looking like what you have been through.

Public Speaker

I am committed to changing how people see suicide. Mental Illness hits home with me in a way that it doesn't for others. I have been exposed to so much disfunction but the reality of it has allowed me to understand intelligently how to win at life and still be emotional, still be a woman still face challenges still struggle with choices, survive loss and be able to tell the story with class and grace. I have a 5 step process to real change that I would love to share with you book me today.